The Raymond 1886

Craft Cocktails

Seasonal Cocktails

Class Act. A Beverage Study.

  • Stomazzi
    Stomazzi $18

    orange/grapefruit infused vodka, green chartreuse, basil/honeydew syrup, lime, soda water
    + Angel Sanchez

  • Fourth Planet from the Sun
    Fourth Planet from the Sun $18

    gin, aperol, hibiscus, lemon, tonic
    + Luis Nava

  • Taco Party
    Taco Party $19

    tequila, pastor agave, charred pineapple juice, cilantro, jalapeño, lime $19
    + Jose Luis Valcarcel

  • Always Tardy
    Always Tardy $18

    Real McCoy 3yr, Flor De Cana 12yr, Clement Canne Bleu, shishito/green pepper syrup, lime
    + Miguel Perez

  • Drama Club
    Drama Club $18

    bourbon, alma tepec, apricot, demerara, tiki bitters
    + Luis Nava/Rebecca Kmieciak

  • Pep Rally
    Pep Rally $18

    rye, montenegro, strawberry/blueberry syrup, lemon, egg white
    + Jose Luis Valcarcel/Miguel Perez

  • Save The Bees
    Save The Bees $19

    orange infused scotch,yellow chartreuse, burnt honey syrup,lemon,angostura bitters
    + Angel Sanchez/ Drew Garcia

  • AP Cocktail
    AP Cocktail $18

    cognac, amaro nonino, rum, pandan, sweet vermouth, cardamom
    + Drew Garcia

1886 Classic Cocktails

Pasadena’s Timeless Classics

  • Alien Pool Party $18

    tequila, lime, cucumber juice, jalapeno, honey, salt & black pepper

  • Quagmire $18

    Larceny Bourbon, Fig Syrup,Tiki Bitters

  • Woody Woodpecker $19

    Vida Mezcal, Cedar Wood Syrup, Peychaud Bitters, Angostura Bitters

  • Cat Cow $18

    Black Cow Vodka, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Lemon, Tonic

  • Japanese Highball $18

    Nikka Days whiskey, soda water, lemon

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